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Allure-Pac provides face to face consultation to find the best solution for your situation. For service, supplies and spares, you can be certain that Allure-Pac will be available in person or over the phone to provide support.


Decades of Experience

Allure-Pac has been the trusted installer, supplier and support for packaging and labelling systems across Perth for years. We've installed and supported systems in different industries and environments.

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Industry Experience
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Beverage
  • Meat and poultry
  • Fruit and Vegetable processors
  • Bakeries
  • Dairy
  • Processed foods
  • Seafood
Huge range of supported and stocked equipment
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Case Tapers

Case Sealers are designed to fulfill your production requirements. Our systems work with both uniform and random sized cases. For years, we have been providing solutions for a variety of industries, including food & beverage and healthcare. We understand that there is not a one size fits all, which is why we will work with you to create the perfect sealing solution. Choose from operator required semi-automatic or no operator needed fully automatic models.

Thermal Printers

Flexicode is the ideal marking system when variable data is to be printed directly onto foil without first having to print a label. Flexicode is a budget-oriented entry-level system focused on important and basic functions. Flexicode works with digital thermal transfer technology. This method stands for exceptionally good print quality and maximum reliability. Flexicode‘s easy maintenance, supported by a multitude of diagnostic functions, is an additional advantage.

Large Text Printers

This compact and rugged HRP cartridge-based printer is the first in a series of industrial-grade, high-resolution thermal jet printers by Little David. The MicroJet HRP 1/2" is designed for one and two line marking/coding applications where ease of operation and quality of print is crucial. Loveshaw's MicroJet HRP 1/2" is constructed of a sealed, industrial-grade housing with stainless steel faceplate and built-in photo sensors to detect product speed and direction. Changing ink is easier than ever, simply lift the cover of the printhead and find a disposable Loveshaw ink cartridge that is simple to snap-in and snap-out.

Print and Apply

Speed, Pre-dispensing and Product Delay together with a manual dispense button for ease of use, via the front panel, as well as Status signal indicator for: Start, Stop, Disable, Feed, Power-On and Error. Other options include: low label alarm, label count, output connection to other systems ( e.g. conveyor line stop when error signaled).The clutch less stepper motor drive delivers infinitely variable Labeling speed with precision positioning.

Contech Conveyors

Inclined or declined conveyors provide a wide range of solutions for loose or packaged products. Choose from many different material and style combinations to suit your special application. A range of belt and bucket elevators to suit many applications. When provided with the general dimensions indicated above, the required capacity and product characteristics (including weight by volume), we can propose an effective elevator solution.

High Res Printers

The MicroJet HRP line is a series of industrial grade, high resolution thermal jet printers from Little David®. This reliable jet printer is a low-cost option for high resolution marking/coding applications. The Little David® MicroJet HRP is a line of industrial thermal ink jet printer designed for high resolution marking/coding applications. Utilizing HP® technology, the MicroJet HRP offers superior ease of operation and quality of print combined with the industrial durability you expect from Little David®.

Wedge Conveyors

FlexMove wedge conveyors are used to convey products from production floor level to another level higher or viseversa using FlexMove wedge top chain. It uses two conveyors facing each other to provide fast and gentle vertical and/or horizontal transport of products. Its proven function provides a continuous high capacity operation, never requires the product to be stopped and ensures product separation. FlexMove wedge conveyors are also used in rinsing application where products need to turn up side down for rinsing process. There are many configurations of wedge conveyors such as “C”, “S”, “U” or “n

Bucket Conveyors

The heart of the TipTrak design is the patented TipTrak chain. This is elastomer molded around and bonded to a core of multiple strands of stainless steel aircraft cable. Similar to a timing belt in design, it has positive drive. With the stainless steel cable core (which is pre-stressed at the time of molding to eliminate elongation), the TipTrak drive belt combines all the advantages of a chain, strength and positive drive, with the benefits of a belt: no moving parts, corrosion resistance and long life. This unique design eliminates the need for sprockets except at the drive end. At all other points the chain runs in a flanged pulley much like a V-belt in a sheave.

Case Erectors

The CF-25 is the latest in a series of industrial grade, high performance case erectors from Little David®. This case erector is designed to form and bottom-seal corrugated boxes at speeds up to 15 cases per minute. The Little David® CF-25 is an automatic system that erects and bottom seals corrugated cases at speeds from 10 to 15 cases per minute. The CF-25 case erecting solution is ideal for applications that require more throughput than manual case erecting can provide. This versatile system creates instant labor savings and increases production for a wide range of medium-speed applications.

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