Allure-Pac website upgrade (4 Aug 2013)

Allure-Pac has been upgraded with the help of MuSolutions.

Apart from the new layout and theme, the new layout uses the Drupal content management system (CMS). A CMS allows us to easily add or change content from the "front end" of the website without needing to be experts in HTML, Java or CSS.

This is archived with the use of "back-end" or "server-side" programming. Namely a language called "PHP", php 'builds' the webpage using data that is stored in a database (MariaDB). PHP interacts with MariaDB using the "Query Scripted Language" (SQL). Furthermore, the PHP allows the user to add their own content to the database from the front-end.

Consequently, sections such as the "News" section can be updated whenever the user wishes, quarterly, monthly or even daily.

We hope that you find the new Allure-pac website, easy navigate, responsive, fast and asthetically pleasing. If you would like to add any feedback, please contact us using the "Contact Us" webform!